Curated.Works: S/S 2014 Backstage Fantasy – Prada S/S 2014

Few weeks ago, I showed you the 1st piece of the S/S 2014 Backstage Fantasy series and I know the Marc Jacobs team is in love with it. Today, it is my honour to present you the 2nd installment of this series.

For this part, Studio Fantasma has picked Prada S/S 2014 as the subject for the Milan Fashion Week fantasy backstage. I like this illustration a lot as the setting is very urban and the girls are beautiful, yet sporty at the same time. Here you get to see some of the iconic looks of this collection and it is always interesting to see how other illustrators interpret Jeanne Detallante works.

Studio-Fantasma-Prada-Spring-2014Courtesy of Studio Fantasma

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Curated.Works: S/S 2014 Backstage Fantasy – Marc Jacobs S/S 2014

The new year has arrived and it’s time to show you a brand new series. For the first project of the new year, I have invited Studio Fantasma to work on few interesting illustrations based on the S/S 2014 collections.

As you can read from the title, this series is all about the backstage actions. However, instead of the typical backstages you see in the photos, we have decided to give them a fantasy twist, which each of them will fit the aesthetic of the particular collection. For the first piece, we have Marc Jacobs S/S 2014 collection.

I like the setting of this illustration a lot. When I first saw the runway video back in September, all I could think of was Doomsday. In this illustration, Cristiana & Pietro have created the “survivor” scene where the girls are exploring the post-apocalyptic land. The image overall is very vibrant and it seems like the girls have finally found the right location to rebuild their community.

Studio-Fantasma-Marc-Jacobs-Spring-2014Courtesy of Studio Fantasma

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