Curated.Works: Taste of Fashion (Part 1)

For this F/W 2014 season, I have decided to invite 2 illustrators to work on 2 separate mini projects. Each project involves 2 different collections with similar idea. For the first one, Simone Antonello is my collaborator and the brands are Chanel and Moschino.

As you may remember, the theme for these 2 collections are at some point related to the food sector. In this case, I asked Simone to create 3 illustrations and have the characters interacting with each other to create a simple story. Below is the first piece.

In here, the Moschino girl has transformed into the “fast food” girl and instead of food, she is selling her handbag to the Chanel girl. I like the concept of this illustration because the handbag reminds me of the Chanel 2.55 bag, so the transition from the left to right is actually pretty interesting. The fast food menu adds a nice touch to the illustration.

Simone-Antonello-Chanel-Moschino-Fall-2014-1Courtesy of Simone Antonello

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