Curated.Works: The Face Palette – Dior F/W 2013

Today it’s time to show you the last piece of The Face Palette series!

The final look from this project is from Dior F/W 2013 runway show. I personally really like this makeup look because it is futuristic and edgy. The composition is very interesting as you can sense a retro futuristic vibe. Also, the black background really makes the model and the objects to stand out!

Carolyn-Weber-Dior-Fall-2013Courtesy of Carolyn Weber

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Curated.Works: The Face Palette – Jason Wu F/W 2013

The third part of The Face Palette is finally here, and this time, Carolyn Weber has decided to illustrate the makeup look from Jason Wu F/W 2013 collection.

This is actually one of the most memorable makeup looks in the F/W 2013 season. I like the cat eye a lot and the indigo colour is very refreshing. The daises add a nice touch to the drawing, as they somehow give me a very calm and peaceful vibe. There is also a bottle of nail polish at the right bottom corner, and I think it is a great complement to the eye shadow.

Carolyn-Weber-Jason-Wu-Fall-2013Courtesy of Carolyn Weber

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Curated.Works: The Face Palette – Givenchy F/W 2013

Today is a very special day as I am releasing the first image of my 10th Draw A Dot. WITH project.

This time, I have invited Carolyn Weber to work on a project with me and as many of you know, her strength is the portrait illustration. In this coming few months, you are going to see some surreal portraits with some of our favourite F/W 2013 makeup looks. The first piece we want to show you is the look from Givenchy F/W 2013 runway show.

Carolyn-Weber-Givenchy-The-Face-Palette-Fall-2013Courtesy of Carolyn Weber

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