Daniel Munoz

Daniel Muñoz is a man with many talents. He is a fashion illustrator, a fashion designer and a hairdresser. His journey of self-discovery and passion for beauty started early on in his beloved birth country of Guatemala. Ever since his early years, Daniel was always creating beauty. In the past 10 years, Daniel’s illustration works have been recognized by the fashion world and his works are featured by brands such as Schiaparelli, Private Policy and Oribe. Recently, Daniel has created a portrait of Jennifer Lopez and this artwork is featured on the celebrity’s social media platform.  

Digital/ Traditional:
Both, mostly digital

Traditional Medium:
Pencil, ink, marker, acrylic

Digital Medium:

Specialize in:
Conceptual artworks for products,
Architecture drawing,
Fashion illustrations, 
Live sketching

Arts Featured On:
Jennifer Lopez Instagram Account,
Private Policy New York Instagram Account
Schiaparelli Instagram Account

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