Draw A Dot x Erli Pinari – Constructing Valentino

Valentino has one of the best collections in the S/S 2021 Haute Couture season. The garments are very structured and are simply beautiful. When I first watched the show, the garments reminded me of buildings. After that, I decided to invite Erli Pinari to collaborate with me on this mini-project. The reason I chose Erli is that she is both an architect and an illustrator.

According to Erli, there are 3 important architectural stages that are very similar to creating a fashion collection. We have 3 Valentino fashion illustrations here and each piece represents one of the stages.

Erli Pinari Valentino Hatue Couture

Stage 1: Finding the inspiration 

In my opinion (as an artist and architect), finding inspiration is one of the most important stages and this is usually neglected by the clients/customers. It is a complex process. It involves everything you see. Everything around you is a source of inspiration. What the artist must do is to keep their eyes open and free the inspiration from its hiding place.

Erli Pinari Draw A Dot

Stage 2: Constructing the garment

The artist consigns the inspirations to the hands of the masters: the seamstresses, tailors, pattern makers, milliners, embroiders, etc. Then the artist waits patiently for this team of masters to work their magic and deliver the masterpieces we love. (The gold things you see on her head are actually stars! She is using the stars as hair clips!)

Valentino Draw A Dot

Stage 3: Giving the inspiration back to the world 

The garment takes a life on its own: how it interacts with the light, with time, the setting, and the model who wears (or inhabit)it. The garment is now part of that environment. The artist (or the architect) and all the people who work behind the scenes now have the opportunity to see and enjoy their creation coming alive.

What do you think of the series? I want to thank Erli for creating these beautiful illustrations!

Please visit Erli’s Instgram to see more of her works!

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