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#DrawADotTogether -#ShareYourAsianStory Campaign Image

Draw A Dot has finally launched the new chapter of #DrawADotTogether project and this time we will be focusing on the Asian racism issue. In this post, I would like to talk more about the campaign image for #ShareYourAsianStory.

Draw A Dot Share Your Asian Story #ShareYourAsianStory

In Chinese mythology, the red thread is referred as the red thread of fate. Originally, the thread is used to connect two people together as destined lovers (regardless of place, time, or circumstances). For this campaign image, we have incorporated this idea and used the red thread (from dots to a thread) to connect all 3 illustrations together. This element symbolizes that the Asian community is sticking together by fate and we are here to share our different cultural stories with the world.

The 3 individual illustrations are created by 3 Asian American artists. Our mission is to highlight some of the Asian American fashion designers and influencers who are using their voices to talk about the issues Asians are facing. Each illustrator also uses the individual illustration to bring out her own message.

Karen Koh Eva Chen Share Your Asian Story Amanda Nguyen Draw A Dot
Illustration by Karen Koh. Featuring Amanda Nguyen (in 3.1 Phillip Lim) & Eva Chen (in Monse)

Karen Koh created the above illustration and it features clothes from Monse and 3.1 Phillip Lim. It also features Eva Chen and Amanda Nguyen. This is the message behind her piece:

“I was inspired by the IG live Eva Chen hosted and what Amanda Nguyen said: “I have tremendous hope… I have that hope because the future is up to us to define… we don’t have to be silent anymore… we have choices now… just know that no one is invisible. We demand to be seen. So — DEMAND to be seen.” For the illustration, Amanda and Eva are highlighted in 3.1 Phillip Lim and Monse for amplifying AAPI voices on social media. I also wanted to own the color yellow and make it as bright as the future will be! 💛❤️🧡”

Prabal Gurung Jason Wu Sandra Hsu Draw A Dot
Illustration by Sandra Hsu. Featuring pieces by Prabal Gurung (L&R) and Jason Wu (Center)

Sandra Hsu created the above illustration and it features clothes from Prabal Gurung and Jason Wu. This is the message behind her piece:

“My piece is a celebration of the idiosyncrasies of Asian Americans, in contrast to the model minority stereotype. Each woman has a different personality and style, yet when they come together they have the power to lift each other up. Only by coming together and sharing our stories can we make others see us as individuals of flesh and blood and not as a marginalized minority that can be disregarded.”

Beck Hong Draw A Dot Share Your Asian Story Private Policy Opening Ceremony
Illustration by Beck Hong. Featuring outfits by Private Policy (R) and Opening Ceremony (L)

Beck Hong created the above illustration and it features clothes from Opening Ceremony and Private Policy. This is the message behind her piece:

“I hope one day we focus on the similarities and commonalities that we all share while appreciating the differences. Even if we have different skin colors, there is only one race: HUMAN.”

If you want to support the Asian community with donation, you can visit the following links for more information:

You can watch the video below as we discussed more about the campaign image and the issues we are encountering right now as Asians.

I also have teamed up with The Representasian Project to interview Siying Qu and Haoran Li, the designers behind Private Policy on Instagram. We talked about their latest collection and also the current Asian racism situation in the States.

I wanted to say a big thank you to Karen, Beck and Sandra for creating this campaign image with me. We only had 2weeks to create this and we made it happen! Very grateful to have you 3 as part of this #ShareYourAsianStory project!

Founder of Draw A Dot. Agent of some of the best fashion illustrators in Canada!

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