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On February 17, 2022, Drawing Cabaret Couture has once again invited our Patreon group to be part of their live sketching session. This time we also have Cassie Lee at the studio live sketching!

The theme this time was Post Nature Sea Project and Drawing Cabarate Couture invited Jiaxi Wang and Tasnim Chowdhury to showcase two futuristic looks based on animals and humans in the future.

Below are some of the sketches our Patreon artists have created during the session and here is what Cassie has to say about her studio experience.

Cassie Lee Drawing Cabaret Couture
Cassie Lee

“During the pandemic, Drawing Cabaret Couture expanded their wacky experiences to an
international level by providing live sketching sessions via zoom. I had the privilege to visit their
studio in East London and see the behind the scenes of their zoom sessions. Let’s just say it involved
creativity and acrobatic flexibility, the skills required to manoeuvre a small space to produce the
right settings and perfect shots for the audience is exceptional. I found it more challenging drawing
from the live person in real life than from a laptop screen at home, probably because of the
perception of depth and different perspectives you can only experience live. I had a pick of different
mediums to work with in the studio, which allowed me to experiment and get out of my comfort
zone with my sketches. I was also lucky enough to meet the designers of the 2 pieces, they provided
an insight into the designs and materials used during the process. Overall, it was a fabulous
experience and I am definitely going to continue joining their online sessions in the future!” – Cassie Lee

Agáta Trpišová
Anastasia Kyrpenko
Elena Zlokazova
Kate Dorokhova
Minh Dinh
William Rowsell

Thanks again to Drawing Cabaret Couture for your invitation!

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