Online Store

After 7 years, I have decided to launch the online store for Draw A Dot!

This online store is a little different than what you have in mind. There are some Draw A Dot logo products, but I am also introducing the mascot, Adwin the Dot, to the public through this store.

I created Adwin more than 10 years ago while I was learning Adobe Illustrator. The reason I give him this name is that Adwin means artist/creative, which suits the brand identity perfectly. In a way, he is a reflection of me. He is a dreamer, a music lover and an adventurer. If you are smart, his name is actually hidden in Draw A(dwin the) Dot.

Aside from my online store, I am also collaborating with different illustrators within the Draw A Dot community to create fun products. Below is a list of online stores that you can find Adwin (and how he adopts to the other artists’ worlds).