Draw A Dot 10th Anniversary Orange Dot Project

2023 is a big year for Draw A Dot! This year is Draw A Dot’s 10th anniversary! In order to celebrate this special year, we have created a special project for our Patreon members – The Orange Dot project!

The Orange Dot Project was first created in 2014 to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the community. That year, I invited a few illustrators to create illustrations based on the orange dot. This project was put on pause after the 4th year because I was busy with other things in life.

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Tennessy Thoreson AZ Factory Collaboration

Natasa Kekanovic x AZ Factory with Tennessy Thoreson

On January 23, 2023, AZ Factory presented their latest collaboration with Tennessy Thoreson in Paris. Natasa Kekanovic, one of our Patreon members, was selected to attend the show. During the show, she created a few sketches based on the collection.

There are 11 looks in this collection and Tennessy Thoreson calls them the super heroines. According to the description, the “silhouettes are sharp, tailored and body revealing. Every piece has been totally hand-sewn”.

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