Tribute to Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh passed away on November 28, 2021 due to cancer. As a fashion designer, Virgil has inspired a lot of people with his Off-White brand and as the creative director for Louis Vuitton menswear. His works have also inspired a lot of artists in the Draw A Dot community.

This is a project created by the Patreon members. We are using this to pay our final tribute to this talented individual. Rest in peace Virgil. You will forever have a spot in our hearts.

Agáta Trpišová

“When I heard as a child that a loved one had died, I imagined that a flock of butterflies had flown in and took that person up to heaven. I completely forgot about this idea, but the death of Virgil Abloh reminded me of it. I think it was because he was so dear to many people. He was a great inspiration to me not only because of his talent and creative spirit but mainly due to his ability to retain human and friendly behavior while working in one of the most prosperous industries in the world. I am very grateful to him for new visions he brought in the fashion and for all those beautiful messages he shared with us.”

Draw A Dot Virgil Agata Trpisova

Debora Sordello

When I think about Virgil, I do not think only at his iconic creations.

I think him as a human who has constantly pushed himself towards big challenges, a human with unlimited kindness towards people from different backgrounds.

Here I represent the iconic moment when he exchanged a hug with his friend Kanye at the end of his very first fashion show for Louis Vuitton menswear.

At that moment he was at the height of his career.

The hug is surrounded by different coloured pattern which I took from the last LV menswear collection showed in Miami as tribute to Virgil.
I’ve chose to represent only the vibrant colors the creative team decided to use in the collection  for an artistic reason: the color determine an emotional experience, while the shape has as correspondant the intellectual control.

With this choice I wanted to represent that to me Virgil is more than his material creations.

To me he is the proof that no matters which background you grew in, or where you’ve started: your personality, your dream, and your work can lead you in beautiful places.

Debora Sordello Virgil

Jade Sta Ana

“Virgil deeply understood his purpose and what he was meant to give to humanity. He has inspired me to take the big risks backed by love and belief in myself, not what others believe I can do. Lead by example, he got me to shine a light on the ideas kept in the dark drawers of my desks. He inspired me to throw color on the things I didn’t want to bring attention to. As a fashion illustrator, he was the pinnacle of inspiration to blur the lines between fine art and fashion. He will be the invisible, but palpable helping hand of the future’s tastemakers. His creative spirit will be the thread that will tie together many of my artistic dreams.”

Jade Sta Ana Virgil Abloh Draw A Dot

Joi Frances

“Virgil inspires me to keep following the Yellow Brick Road. This year, I had a personal revelation. I am an artist and fashion designer who got stuck. For some time, I wasn’t paying attention to who I truly was. Like the Wizard, I was in hiding. This collection was a reminder that dreams can become realities by staying true to your vision. I am grateful that the world got to experience Virgil’s dream.”

Virgil Abloh Joi Frances Louis Vuitton

Nina Hudelmaier

“Virgil did it his own way and never let him stop by the opinion of other people. Virgil elevated streetwear into luxury wear and hit the spot of a whole Generation.” 

Nina Hudelmaier Draw A Dot

Yuliia Dzhamhurova

“British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful called him “a giant among men,” on Instagram, writing that Abloh always worked “to open the door to art and fashion for future generations, so that that they — unlike himself, would grow up in a creative world with people to mirror themselves in.”

Virgil Abloh was an icon and trailblazer. Called the Karl Lagerfeld of his generation, he brought intellectualism to streetwear with his label Off-White, while, conversely, injecting luxury giant Louis Vuitton with the ethos of hip-hop and skate culture. His most significant legacy may ultimately be the way he reinvented what a creative director does: Abloh was multi-hyphenate talent, not just a designer and a DJ, but a branding maestro and a natural community builder who encouraged others to follow in his footsteps. “You can do it, too,” he used to say. And yet, his talent was somehow singular.”

Yuliia Dzhamhurova Louis Vuitton Draw A Dot

What do you have to say to Virgil? How do his works inspire you?

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