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Draw A Dot is on Patreon!

As a founder of Draw A Dot, I am very grateful that the community is growing bigger every day. With the Draw A Dot Patreon group, I am now able to offer different activities to help artists build their portfolios.

There are 3 tiers of this subscription service and here are some of the perks:

  • Monthly Zoom Meet up to talk about different topics
  • Sketch Session
  • Open Calls to connect with brands (example:Schiaparelli S/S 2023 )
  • Special Contest (example: Draw A Dot x Koré Collection)
  • Members will have a chance to be featured on the website and have a special activation on social media
  • A special chatroom where illustrators can communicate with one another. And our team of mentors is there to answer any questions you have
  • Members have a chance to be selected to sell their prints on our online store to practice your marketing skills
  • And…

You can also have a 1 on 1 video consultation call with me for 1 hour each month!

This is the chance for you to ask me questions and let me help you with your portfolio building. For this particular tier ($60US tier), I only have limited spots (and if you think 1 video session is enough, you can always change back to the 2nd tier after the session. And if you want more than 1 session for the month, contact me and we can develop a plan). Since I want to give back to the community, the price you see on Patreon is actually more than 60% off of what I usually charge per session.


It has been my lifelong dream to become a Fashion Illustrator, and I am elated to have found this DRAW A DOT community!  Although my illustration skills need improvement, Marcus provides the resources and encouragement to help me succeed.  In addition, Marcus diligently promotes our work for recognition from top brands.  Thank you, Marcus, for all that you do! – Carla Tyrell

Since I started to being part of the patreon group I find myself more concentrated about illustrating and also learned a lot about different topics about illustration and how to be able to create a porfolio, thanks to the zoom sessions that we have with different experts of the area. – Andrea Del Hoyo

Draw A Dot Patreon group has been a great source of inspiration for growing and mastering my art. It is a community with likeminded artists who support and celebrate each other, learn and push each other to grow. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their fashion illustration skills fast and enjoy the company of likeminded artists. – Anna Gusselnikova

Joining the Draw A Dot community has been a complete revelation for me. I didn’t quite know what to expect but thought I’d give it a try. I was so pleasantly surprised – both from the friendly and honest advice I received from Marcus and the lovely people I have met here. This is a wonderful community of like-minded people who all love fashion illustration and I have really enjoyed being part of it and being able to get involved with the different events and activities which Marcus organizes. If you don’t know much about Patreon and are wondering whether to give the Draw A Dot community a try, I would say go for it, purely based on the positive experience I’ve had. – Sasha Panagiotidis

The Draw A Dot Patreon group initiated by Marcus Kan is a wonderful place for illustrators to talk with other like-minded people about artistic problems and illustration issues, to find solutions together, or to chat about art & fashion. It‘s also a great place for more information about the Draw A Dot Open Calls! – Katarina Kühl

Marcus Kan, through his Draw A Dot website and Instagram and Facebook accounts, has long been a stalwart supporter of fashion illustrators everywhere, sharing our work on a regular basis to a wide audience. He created the Draw A Dot open call and made brands even more aware of the appeal of fashion illustration. Entering the open calls and being chosen as a finalist gave me the exposure I never could have achieved on my own in a short period of time.

Now Marcus has created a Patreon group to further benefit fashion illustrators seeking to learn more about the industry and to connect with each other. There are two invaluable monthly events for patrons. One is the Youtube live where Marcus addresses topics of keen interest to fledgling illustrators, such as working with clients, pricing your work, representation, social media marketing etc. The other is live sketching via Zoom where illustrators all over the world join to watch a runway show and immediately sketch and share our work with each other. 

Along with the live events there are a host of other benefits: exclusive early access to the open call, having a say in the winner, and a patron-only chat group are just a few. All sorts of lively and interesting discussions happen within the group, with topics as diverse as art materials, learning resources, opinions on designer collections, you name it. Marcus has invited some world-class, established illustrators to be mentors in the group, so you have the benefit of not only his expertise but theirs as well. Through the live sessions and chat I’ve had the chance to actually meet and speak with illustrators I’d long admired, as well as up-and-comers who are stunningly talented and interesting.

In short, becoming a patron of Drawadot on Patreon has been incredibly rewarding and well worth the small amount I pay to support this fantastic resource and community. – Sandra Hsu

I remember the day when I was thinking ; I wish there was a community of fashion illustrators from different areas of the world where I could learn from them and share. And that week itself, it was as if the Universe answered , Draw A Dot founder Marcus announced that he is going to provide a Patreon Membership for the fashion illustrators, where we could share, learn and grow. Draw A Dot has already established itself as an amazing community by encouraging and providing a platform for open calls where fashion illustrators can share their work. Marcus’s efforts have made the community noticed by so many established designers. 

And with the Patreon, which is a very affordable membership by the way, Marcus has been kind and encouraging and constantly introduces amazing activities like Live sketch practice sessions which boost you up. It’s amazing to interact with pioneers in the field as well. In all, Draw A Dot has provided this beautiful platform for fashion illustrators from all around the world to learn and grow. – Sneha Tulsani

If you don’t think Patreon is your thing, that is fine as well. I will continue to update Instagram so make sure you continue checking the account.

You can watch this video I did with Zoe Hong. I answered a lot of questions regarding fashion illustrations.

Please click the button below to learn more about the perks! I hope to see you there soon!

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