About Draw A Dot

In order for you to know more about this community, you’ll need to know a little about me first. 

Marcus Kan Draw A Dot
Marcus Kan

Who is Marcus Kan?

In late 2009, I started an arts and fashion blog called Fusion of Effects. This platform gave me the chance to meet a lot of talented illustrators, photographers and designers around the world.

In early 2011, luck knocked on my door and I became a contributor to an online magazine for 3 years. I featured fashion illustrators from around the world and curated special illustration projects for the brand. I would say that was the first step of building Draw A Dot.

In early 2013, I created Draw A Dot. At that time, I thought it would be a good idea to create a blog focused on fashion illustrations. This would also give me more freedom to create projects with different illustrators. Little did I know Draw A Dot would become a force in the fashion industry with great support from the talents!

What is Draw A Dot?

Draw A Dot is an online platform where I showcase beautiful fashion illustrations I find online. Shortly after I created the site, I started to create different kinds of open calls for illustrators to participate. This has become a staple for the community.

Throughout the years, Draw A Dot has had the honor of collaborating with many international brands. CASEiTY, Diet Prada, Gucci, ValentinoViktor & RolfVersace and Mary Katrantzou are just some of them. We created many fun open calls for illustrators to participate. In 2015, Draw A Dot evolved into an agency and we now have a roster of some amazing Canadian fashion illustrators. To date, we have worked with the following companies such as Prada, Dior, CoachCanada Goose, BurberrySick Kids, Christian Louboutin, Hudson’s Bay and Saks Fifth Avenue.

I am very thankful to have built this amazing community. My mission is to continue exploring this fashion illustration industry and to look for more opportunities to showcase the talents!

If you are an emerging illustrator and would like to improve your portfolio, I would recommend you to join our Patreon group. You will get to work on different creative projects and connect with many fashion illustrators from around the world. We have a private chatroom where we will exchange information to help one another to grow.

I am constantly working with brands on different activations to bring awareness to the brands. If you are interested in working with me on open calls or social media campaigns, please feel free to contact me.