Draw A Dot NFT Community

NFT is one of the hottest things in the world right now. As one of the art communities in the world, Draw A Dot is finally creating an NFT community in bridging the gap between the artists and the collectors. We are creating a community where you will get exclusive news from our artists with exclusive perks!

Unlike many NFTs you find in the metaverse right now, the artworks our artists are releasing are not generative art. Many of their collections have unlockable perks to add special values to the NFTs. Moreover, you will be able to receive a one-of-a-kind artwork from them with your token (yep, a personalized NFT)! In a way, you are investing in the artists in the Draw A Dot community!

Here are 2 ways to join:


If you are an artist, please join the Patreon group ($10+ tier). Once you are there, I will give you access to a private discord server specifically for the Draw A Dot NFT community. On that server, you can promote your NFT works to potential buyers and also communicate with other artists in the community. We will also work on events to promote your NFTs.

Please note: Once you decide to leave the Patreon group, you will no longer be able to access that Discord server.


For people who want to support the artists and be one of the first to know the latest drops from the Draw A Dot artists, you will need to purchase a Draw A Dot token to get into the NFT Discord server. The price of the token is $175 US (USDC) and you can purchase it at Voice.


As a collector, here are the benefits of being a member of the Draw A Dot NFT community:

  • You can appoint one of the NFT artists from our community to create ONE personalized portrait for 1 person. The fee is already included in the token price. This can be used for your social media avatar. You can ask the artists to transfer the NFT to your virtual wallet.
  • You will be one of the first to know the latest drops from our members. You can even purchase those NFT before they are out to the public!
  • For people who are new to the NFT world, the artists and I will be sharing NFT information so that you can understand the narture of NFT.
  • Artists will be doing some exclusive free drops to the members in the Draw A Dot NFT community!
  • When permitted, artists from the Draw A Dot NFT community will be hosting virtual and physical events!
  • We will continue to add more features to the community!

For your personalized portrait, here is the roster of our NFT portrait artists and their availability (and check the gallery for their styles):

  • Agáta Trpišová: Available
  • Cassie Lee: Available
  • Daniel Muñoz: Waiting List
  • Elena Zlokazova: Available
  • Kate Kogan: Available
  • Khushnoor Verma: Available
  • Jamilya Baz: Available
  • Maria Matarazzo: Available
  • Melanie Termtanasak: Available
  • Nastya Malyshenko: Available
  • Sandra Hsu: Available
  • Sneha Tulsani: Available
  • William Rowsell: Available

Below is the style reference.

Agáta Trpišová

Cassie Lee

Daniel Muñoz

Elena Zlokazova

Kate Kogan

Khushnoor Verma

Jamilya Baz

Mariana Matarazzo

Melanie Termtanasak

Nastya Malyshenko

Sandra Hsu

Sneha Tulsani

William Rowsell

If the artist is available, you can contact the artist directly through discord so they can start working on your portrait. Make sure you show them that you have the token in your Voice account.

If the artist you like is having the Waiting List status, you can contact me through Discord or email so I can put you on the waiting list. Once the artist is available, I will tell the artist to contact you directly through Discord.

Please note:

  • Each artist can only take 1 portrait at a time and the turnaround time will be 3-7 days.
  • Every artist has a differnt set of guidelines so make sure you communicate with them to create your portrait.
  • The portrait is for personal use only. You can list your portrait on the market, and the artist will also receive a rotyalty fee from it (It’s already built in the smart contract).
  • If you get the token from the secondary market, you will not be able to get a portrait from the artist.


For the first phase, we are releasing only 100 tokens (phase 1).

Once we have reached a target, the following benefits will be unlocked for the followers:

30% – all collectors who have the token will get a free drop featuring Draw A Dot mascot Adwin (created by Daniel Muñoz)

60% – The first 60 token holders will receive the Draw A Dot utility coin pin (physical pin)

90% 10 token holders will receive a Draw A Dot Utility Coin shirt. Please refer to Discord for instructions to be on the whitelist.

100% – unlock the special section of the online store and members will earn 10% discount on all the Utility Coin series merchandises


Q: Why Choose Voice as the NFT platform?

A: We have done a lot of research on the NFT topic and we understand that there are some negative environmental impacts. The reason we choose Voice as the platform to sell our token is that Voice is a carbon-neutral NFT marketplace.

Another reason we choose Voice is that we understand a lot of people are not familiar with NFT so we want Voice to be the entry-level platform for you to understand NFT. One of the benefits is the platform uses USD to display the price of artworks instead of cryptocurrency.

Q: Do I need cryptocurrency to purchase the token?

A: No. You can use your credit card to pay for it. The price of the token is in US dollars.

Q: Are the artists getting paid for the portraits I am going to receive?

A: Yes! Part of the token fee is going towards the fee of creating the portrait. Therefore, when you purchase the token, you are supporting the artists.

Q: If I receive the NFT through the Voice platform, can I sell it at another NFT marketplace?

A: You won’t be able to do this at the moment. But Voice is working on it so please keep an eye on the site.

Q: Can I ask the artists to transfer the personalized NFT to my other NFT platforms?

A: Yes you can! As long as you have a crypto wallet, then you can request artists to send the NFT to that wallet.

Q: Why should I join the group and purchase NFT artworks from the Draw A Dot community’s artists?

A: A lot of people who are buying the NFTs right now are because of the hype and most of them are generative artworks (they create a base image with some elements and use a computer to randomly generate the artwork). Unlike those artworks, the artists in the Draw A Dot community create each illustration from scratch. In the long run, these works will have more value because they cannot be randomly generated by a computer and others can hardly copy their styles.

Q: Are the artists from the Draw A Dot selling their NFT on Voice only?

A: Some artists have been selling their NFTs on other platforms so it is important to check the Discord server from time to time so you know where they drop the collections. As for the Draw A Dot community token, you can only get it through the Voice platform.

Q: Can I get more portraits from the artists?

A: The token only gives you one portrait. However, you can commission the artist to do more and that will be outside of the token fee. Please talk to the artist for more information.

Q: Can I collaborate with any artists from the Draw A Dot NFT community for potential projects?

A: Yes! You can contact the artist directly when you see their style aligns with your potential project. Our goal is to use this platform to provide more jobs and income opportunities for the artists!

Q: Can I join the Discord server without buying the token?

A: At this moment we are not offering this option. By purchasing the token, you are supporting the artists and believing in their works. In the future, you might be able to access this Discord server when purchasing NFT collections from our Patreon artists. If you have a valid reason why you need to bypass getting the token, then please contact us.