Fashion Illustrator Spotlight: Lyaman Yusifli

Lyaman Yusifli is very different than other illustrators. Her characters are not your average beautiful models. They look like they are coming from outer space. I still remember when she submitted her Lanvin F/W 2015 illustration to the open call, I was stunned by the piece because the style is refreshing! After knowing this amazing artist for more than 6 years, I finally have the chance to do a special feature on her!

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Elena Zlokazova Spotlight

Fashion Illustrator Spotlight: Elena Zlokazova

I still remember I was memorized by Elena Zlokazova‘s works when I first saw her Dior F/W 2020 Haute Couture illustration for the open call. The illustration is like an advertisement for the brand. The composition is perfect and the story-telling element really captures the viewer’s attention. Since then I have become a fan of Elena’s works and she continues to produce some amazing fashion illustrations to wow the crowd! Today, I am very grateful I have this chance to feature this amazing artist on the site!

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