Celebrating a Visionary – Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele was the creative director of Gucci from January 2015 to November 2022. In these 7 years, his works have inspired a lot of illustrators in the fashion illustration community. To celebrate his time at Gucci, I have invited the Patreon members to each create an illustration based on Michele‘s Gucci collections and let us know how he inspires them.

Adri Reynoso

Gucci Alessandro Michele Adri Reynoso

As an illustrator, the continuous magic that Alessandro Michelle brought to every collection was an inspiration.

To be able to express yourself in such a free and beautiful way inspired me to create art without limitations.

A true reminder of the unlimited creative abundance he has to offer the world. – Adri Reynoso

Andrea Del Hoyo

Andrea Del Hoyo Alessandro Michele Gucci

For me the best way to find inspiration is creating a concept based on a history, and that’s what Alessandro Michele has presented his collections for Gucci in the past eight years. Illustrating his collections is really exciting because his vision inspires me every time and has given me the tools to reflect his vision in my own style. – Andrea Del Hoyo

Elena Zlokazova

Gucci Elena Zlokazova Draw A Dot Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele is like the door to another world where all your colorful and joyful ideas in fashion came true. His art inspired me to jump more deeply into fashion illustration and open new colors of my soul in art. Drawing illustrations of his collection I felt like a cheerful alien from another planet who flies through different decades and excited to share with you something very important.  – Elena Zlokazova

Maria Zober

Maria Zober Gucci Alessandro Michele

Since I am multicultural myself, Alessandro Michele’s approach to combine parts of different cultures to create something visionary speaks to me deeply. The dreamy, mystic but chic vibe resonates very much with my own aesthetic. – Maria Zober

Stanislav Senchuk

Stanislav Senchuk Gucci Alessandro Michele Draw A Dot

I remember I saw Gucci’s first collection created by Alessandro Michele in 2015. There were oversized glasses, mixed floral prints, eye-catching clothes and he was blurring the lines between womenswear and menswear. He injected a breath of fresh air into the fashion industry. Alessandro Michele definitely transformed Gucci from a fading symbol of luxury into a provider of bright colors and glamour, celebrating all types of beauty and inclusivity. His shows were always so inspiring to me, fulfilled with unexpected castings, memes and decorated runways. I will definitely miss Alessandro Michele’s funny, offbeat and eccentric Gucci. – Stanislav Senchuk

Trena Brannon

I love Alessandro’s bright patterns and graphic images in his Gucci collection. I have always loved vivid colors, and his collection inspires me to continue creating with loud, fun colors and bold images in my fashion artwork. – Trena Brannon

I would like to thank Alessandro Michele for inspiring this community with so many amazing creations! Without his talent, I wouldn’t be able to meet so many amazing artists and be amazed by their artworks! On behalf of the community, I wish you all the best and can’t wait to hear about your next move!


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