Jeremy Scott – The Wonderful Decade at Moschino

On March 20, 2023, Jeremy Scott left Moschino as the creative director. In the past 10 years, Jeremy has created many iconic looks for the brand. Since his works have inspired so many artists in the Draw A Dot community, we have decided to create a special illustration project to celebrate Jeremy Scott‘s Moschino era.

Alexandra Osuji

Alexandra Osuji

Jeremy Scott is widely known for his diverse use of bold colour and pattern choices. His collections, time and again, have proved that anyone can get inspired by even the most mundane idea or topic; and his executions are always top-notch. This is something that continues to inspire me to find new ways of rendering fashion illustrations because you never really know what might work till you try it. Although his creativity will definitely be missed at Moschino, I look forward to seeing what this new era holds. -Alexandra Osuji

Anna Gineste

Anna Gineste Draw A Dot Moschino

Moschino was the first high-end brand appeared in my wardrobe. It was an umbrella with a juicy scarlet colour cane and black silhouettes of cats and dogs. On the umbrella, it had the phrase “even when it’s raining cats and dogs life is beautiful!”. Sadly I lost it in the Moscow metro one day, but I still remember it. Chic, bright and playful. 

I think these are the key values of the Moschino brand, and Jeremy Scott managed to reveal them in each collection, with great ingenuity, taste and boldness. His collection SS2023 captured my heart and made me think about the play “The importance of being earnest” by Oscar Wilde – in the poshy world when everyone tries to pretend someone important he says “Relax, be funny and have fun!”. 

My illustration is a dedication to his art and this message (and to my beloved red-black umbrella, as you can see by the colours)) – Anna Gineste

Aslı Su Türkmen

Aslı Su Türkmen Jeremy Scott Moschino

The master of fashionable humor, the down-to-earth creator of dramatic silhouettes, a mind-bending sartorial storyteller and a true genius who reminds us to always have fun.

Jeremy Scott is all of these and has been a perfect match for Moschino for 10 years, he was indeed the man who ‘made Moschino Moschino’ for our generation.

Even though this is a goodbye for now, his fun approach and surprising designs will continue to make us smile for many years. Can’t wait to see what the next chapter of his creative journey brings! – Aslı Su Türkmen

Daria Gusarenko

Jeremy Scott Daria Gusarenko Draw A Dot

For me, Moschino is not about the cut, Moschino is about intellectual banter, about not being afraid to be bold! I think it was during Jeremy’s reign that the brand became so individual and interesting. I was so excited to see the first collection, the way he played with American pop culture was really cool.  That’s why I chose the first and last collections to illustrate. – Daria Gusarenko

Maria Zober

The world is our gallery and our bodies are our canvases“- Jeremy Scott, king of Camp, is definitely a modern day Picasso of fashion if you ask me. Not only literally when he was inspired by his cubist works for Moschinos  SS20 collection, but in the way he sees the world and creates Couture in a way we have not seen it before. His works always depict our Zeitgeist in a way that it puts a smile on our face. Be it Inflation symbolised by water toys, literal garbage Couture or popular pop culture characters. Jeremy Scott like no other has a bold, unique signature style and I am always curious to see what he will do next! – Maria Zober

Minh Dinh

Minh Dinh Jeremy Scott Moschino Draw A Dot

Through his years at Moschino, Jeremy Scott injected some humor into the world of Fashion, citing Pop culture and satirical references. He shows that fashion does not have to be serious yet is able to shine light up upon the most relevant truths of our consumerist world and the outrageousness of it all. This look from SS 19 is one of my favorites, with its eccentricity and self-awareness. – Minh Dinh

Nina Hudelmaier

Jeremy Scott is one of the Top Designers worldwide. Thanks to his very special Pop-Art Style. His clothes are very playful and colorful with a touch of Fantasy but still tasteful and wearable. Exactly, the way I like it. – Nina Hudelmaier

Polina Dubrovska

Polina Dubrovska Jeremy Scott Moschino

Jeremy Scott’s Moschino creations inspired me to create fashion illustrations. I’m in love with abundance of colours in the collections, as colours are the most important thing for me. -Polina Dubrovska

Tetiana Maliuta

Tetiana Maliuta Jeremy Scott Moschino

Personally, for me, Jeremy Scott is a genius of creativity. Moschino was my main source of inspiration when I started drawing fashion illustrations.  I couldn’t see enough of his collection and spent hours choosing what to draw, because l wanted to draw everything. Each collection was like a bright flash at fashion week.  His work is a break of all patterns, the most unexpected mix of elements in the outfit, provocation, combining femininity and brutality, the difference in textures and materials, sparkling and simplicity, vintage and modernity…The list is endless. Jeremy will definitely leave the brightest mark in the history of the Moschino brand. – Tetiana Maliuta

Ylenia Toccafondi

Ylenia Toccafondi Draw A Dot Moschino Jeremy Scott

The inspiration for this illustration comes from the spring-summer 2023 collection because I loved the concept behind it. 

I find the idea of recreating a lively and gleeful atmosphere to help navigate << the discomforts and problems that affect us nowadays» very inspiring and thoughtful.

IN SUMMARY: To stay afloat in this ocean of contemporary issues, you need to wear life jackets, have fun, and have epic parties! – Ylenia Toccafondi

Thank you Jeremy Scott for creating so many wonderful Moschino looks for us to remember. His time at Moschino will forever be a major chapter in fashion history. We are also excited to see his next venture!

Founder of Draw A Dot. Agent of some of the best fashion illustrators in Canada!

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