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Draw A Dot x AZ Factory Palazzo Pyjama Contest

In June 2023, Draw A Dot collaborated with AZ Factory on a fun contest based on the Palazzo Pyjama collection. We invited our Patreon members to create their ideal scenes to wear pieces from the collection.

Tetiana Maliuta AZ Factory Palazzo Pyjama Draw A Dot
Tetiana Maliuta

We have received many amazing pieces from the Patreon group and the way they paired the Palazzo Pyjama pieces with the scenes is refreshing. Congratulations to Tetiana Maliuta on winning the contest and Yuliia Dzhamhurova & Demeter Evelin on being the runners-up!

Thank you to AZ Factory for this amazing collaboration and we are looking forward to their new collection in September!

If you want to see all the submissions from the contest, please visit the Patreon post (Free for the public).

Yuliia Dzhamhurova AZ Factory Palazzo Pyjama
Yuliia Dzhamhurova
Demeter Evelin AZ Factory Palazzo Pyjama Draw A Dot
Demeter Evelin
Founder of Draw A Dot. Agent of some of the best fashion illustrators in Canada!

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