Draw A Dot x Mary Katrantzou S/S 2020 Open…

In November 2019, I have the honor to collaborate with Mary Katrantzou on a special open call! S/S 2020 is the topic and we have received a lot of amazing submissions!

Mary Katrantzou Joseph Larkowsky
Joseph Larkowsky

Here are the illustrations Mary Katrantzou and I have picked as our favorites! Please visit this Facebook gallery to see all the submissions!

Mary Katrantzou‘s Picks (They are on Mary Katrantzou’s Instagram account):

MelEesa Lorett Draw A Dot Mary Katrantzou
MelEesa Lorett
Draw A Dot Wanda
Wanda Vescio
Yigit Ozcakmak Draw a Dot Mary Katrantzou
Yigit Ozcakmak

My Picks:

Dmitrii Molokoedov Draw A Dot Mary Katrantzou
Dmitrii Molokoedov
Evgenia Voronova Draw A Dot Mary Katrantzou
Evgenia Voronova
Jessica Rodgers Draw A Dot Mary Katrantzou
Jessica Rodgers
Kara Foote Draw A Dot Mary Katrantzou
Kara Foote
Kozlova Anastasia
Hanna Eriksson Patry
Sandra Hsu
Sandra Hsu
Simona Murialdo Sanchez
Simona Murialdo Sanchez
Svetlana Ihsanova
Svetlana Ihsanova
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