Tribute to Iris Apfel

“More is more and less is a bore.” I am sure we all have heard of this phrase by Iris Apfel before. On March 1, 2024, Iris passed away at the age of 102. This fashion icon has left us with many great fashion inspirations, and some of our Patreon members have created artworks to pay tribe to this legend.

Anna Huang

Anna Huang Iris Apfel

Fittingly nicknamed the Rare Bird of Fashion, Iris Apfel inspired me by creating her own aesthetics based on things she loved instead of trends that passed with time. Every object she adorned and surrounded herself with came with a tale of her personal history, and I believe she was such a maximalist in how she dressed because she had so many stories to share with us. Of course – such a unique collection is only possible when one has experienced life for over a century.  

It was a real blessing to have Iris in our world for the past 102 years, and I hope the wisdom of style she imparted to us remains in each of our collections long after she flew away.

Corinne Monique

Corinne Monique Iris Draw A Dot Illustrator

As an artist and fashion designer, the legacy of Iris Apfel resonates deeply with me. First witnessing her vibrant spirit and unapologetic self-expression in Cohen’s film, Advanced Style, left an indelible mark on my creative journey. Iris embodied a rare authenticity, embracing her eccentricities with grace and confidence. Her joyful approach to life, coupled with her unwavering commitment to individuality, serves as a constant source of inspiration to many. Inspired by her eclectic taste, I found kinship in her mantra, “more is more and less is a bore,” as I too identify as a maximalist and hate being reigned in. Creating an illustration to honor Iris Apfel felt like a natural homage to a kindred spirit whose legacy continues to ignite creativity and celebrate the beauty of uniqueness. Incorporating elements of her pink ostrich-shaped bar, Gussy, served as a nod to her penchant for the extraordinary and the whimsical. Through my tribute, I aspire to capture the essence of Iris Apfel’s enduring influence on art, fashion, and the boundless joy of self-expression.

Evgeniya Voropaeva

Evgeniya Voropaeva Draw A Dot

Iris had her own unique style. Her outfits were bright and multilayer, but they always were whole. I made illustration with plenty of shapes and accessories, which obey the same law. I wanted to express recognizable details and different layers. And at the same time I wanted to show the fragility and elegance of this amazing woman.

Jod Arte

Jod Arte Draw A Dot Apfel Doll

I have created a figurine tribute to Iris Apfel, as she was and is a constant source of inspiration for me, thanks to her sense of style, playful persona and keen eye for color. I always appreciated her “Fan Art Fridays” and “Iris Your Closet” features on Instagram, where she would spotlight work by followers. I look forward to the publication of her book “Colorful” in August, for more of her iconic style!

Katerina Vasilyeva

Katerina Vasilyeva Draw A Dot

Fashion can both hide who you really are and can help to show your true identity to the world. Iris was the exceptional example of the latter. She was a bright person who created her own iconic style when less is bore. She celebrated her age, enjoyed every moment of her life and learned us to listen our inner muse. 

Max Edward

Max Edward Iris Apfel Draw A Dot Illustration

What inspires me about Iris Apfel is her fearlessness; through her designs, personal fashion sense and zest for life. It’s refreshing to witness someone live in their own freedom and share such humor, gratitude and exuberance in every aspect of her life, both personal and professional.

I think a year ago I would have said “I love her use of colour, print and the fact she wishes to not be boring”, and while I still resonate with her quote “More is More, Less is a Bore”, having explored Iris as a person, it’s her spirit that is brighter than any piece of clothing she wears. She was a true breath of fresh air, and an essence one can only hope to bring at least a fraction to their artwork and their own life.

Rafael Flores

Rafael Flores

I participated in the Iris Apfel tribute project for Draw A Dot because of her iconic love affair with art and style. Her round glasses, out-of-this-world jewelry, and splashes of exotic colors and textures throughout her wardrobe made her a muse for artists everywhere. She was a fashion icon, an inspiration to create, and a pop culture pioneer. Rest in peace.

Yuliia Dzhamhurova

Yuliia Dzhamhurova Fashion Illustration Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel’s impact on me as an artist goes beyond mere admiration; it’s deeply personal. Her boldness in mixing patterns, textures, and colors challenges conventional norms and encourages me to push the boundaries of my own creativity. She reminds me that art is not just about technique or skill, but about expressing one’s true self without reservation. Beyond her outward expression, Apfel’s passion for individuality and self-expression resonates deeply with me, reminding me to embrace my unique perspective and infuse it into my artistry. Apfel’s fearless authenticity serves as a constant reminder to trust my instincts, embrace my quirks, and let my creativity flow freely. In her trailblazing spirit, I find the courage to explore uncharted territories and forge my own path as an artist.
Thank you, Iris Apfel, for leaving behind a legacy of fearless creativity and inspiring countless artists like me to embrace our unique selves and express our creativity without limits.

Founder of Draw A Dot. Agent of some of the best fashion illustrators in Canada!

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