Sandra Hsu x AZ Factory

In December 20222, our Patreon member Sandra Hsu had the opportunity to visit the AZ Factory headquarters in Paris.

While she was there, she got a chance to take some photos of the products and used her imagination to create some editorial-style illustrations based on the Cake bag.

This is what Sandra said about her experience at the AZ Factory headquarters:

Last December I was privileged to get an invitation to visit the AZ Factory headquarters while I was in Paris. As a fashion lover and illustrator, it had always been my dream to visit the design studio of a Paris fashion house. Luckily for me, AZ Factory was familiar with my illustration work. And my dear friend Marcus Kan was able to arrange for me to visit on a Monday afternoon while everyone was hard at work on the new collection. 

The spirit of its genial and talented founder, Alber Elbaz was very much present at AZ Factory. The first thing I saw when I entered the space was the Alber and Amigos wall, which was covered with candid photos of Alber with his loved ones – friends, co-workers, peers, celebrities. There were funny little sketches and sayings by Alber posted around the space as well. It all created a warm, welcoming feeling from the first moment. 

Everyone who worked at AZ Factory seemed to echo Alber’s welcoming energy. First I met and chatted with some friendly marketing team members who showed me the collection that was being brought to market shortly – the Bon Appetit collection with AZ Amigo Ester Manas. I had the opportunity to really examine the clothes, touch the fabrics, and take some photos for my illustrations later. After an hour or so with the Ester Manas X AZ Factory collection and the marketing team, I was introduced to the creative director and his design team. They couldn’t have been more kind and took me around the studio to introduce me to everyone. It was such a thrill to get a peek behind the scenes (albeit a very tiny peek as the new collection being created was top secret).

I’m so grateful for the experience and want to thank everyone who made the studio visit happen for me. Thank you Marcus Kan of Draw A Dot and everyone at AZ Factory headquarters.  They were a long time coming, but I hope you enjoy my illustrations!

Thank you everyone at AZ Facotry for having Sandra at their headquarters!

If you are interested in having this kind of experience to add more work to your portfolio, then you can join our Patreon group. This is one of the perks we offer to our members.

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