Draw A Dot 10th Anniversary Orange Dot Project

2023 is a big year for Draw A Dot! This year is Draw A Dot’s 10th anniversary! In order to celebrate this special year, we have created a special project for our Patreon members – The Orange Dot project!

The Orange Dot Project was first created in 2014 to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the community. That year, I invited a few illustrators to create illustrations based on the orange dot. This project was put on pause after the 4th year because I was busy with other things in life.

This year I decided to re-activate this project, and this time, it also has a funding component. All the illustrations you see here are now available at the Draw A Dot online store. The price is $30. For every sale of this collection, $5 will go to the artist who created the illustration, and $5 will be going towards a fund. At the end of January 2024, I will announce the winner who sells the most from this project, and they will be receiving the fund. This fund will help them to further develop their career path, and create their own e-commerce business. If you are an art lover and would like to support artists, please visit the online store to see all the prints!

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the artists who have contributed to this project. Here is the list of artists:

  • Adri Reynoso
  • Anna Gusselnikova,
  • Andrea Del Hoyo,
  • Anna Huang,
  • Anna Tsvell,
  • Aslı Su Türkmen,
  • Bassam Salame,
  • Christina Bui,
  • Clemens Maurer,
  • Katerina Sedogina,
  • Elena Zlokazova,
  • Elisa Walter,
  • Hanna Patry,
  • Katarina Kühl,
  • Kate Kogan,
  • Katerina Vasilyeva,
  • Laura Capriles,
  • Lyudmila Talalay,
  • Megan Knight,
  • Nina Judelmaier,
  • Polina Dubrovska,
  • Rikke Madsen,
  • Sandra Hsu,
  • Serene Chan,
  • Studio Fantasma,
  • Trena Brannon,
  • Yuliia-Dzhamhurova

Thank you so much for your contribution and good luck with the contest!

Please visit the Draw A Dot online store to get more information about the prints!

Founder of Draw A Dot. Agent of some of the best fashion illustrators in Canada!
  • Danielle Ellis

    I would like to be apart of this project as an illustrator. What are the requirements, the prints/ illustrations I create, are they to only be available on The Draw A Dot orange project? How does the licensing work?


    Danielle M. Ellis

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