Tennessy Thoreson AZ Factory Collaboration

Natasa Kekanovic x AZ Factory with Tennessy Thoreson

On January 23, 2023, AZ Factory presented their latest collaboration with Tennessy Thoreson in Paris. Natasa Kekanovic, one of our Patreon members, was selected to attend the show. During the show, she created a few sketches based on the collection.

There are 11 looks in this collection and Tennessy Thoreson calls them the super heroines. According to the description, the “silhouettes are sharp, tailored and body revealing. Every piece has been totally hand-sewn”.

Natasa Kekanovic AZ Factory with Tennessy Thoreson
Natasa Kekanovic Tennessy Thoreson Draw A Dot

‘Super Heroines’ was the name of the show by AZ Factory x Tennessy Thoreson where I was present as a selected illustrator for the show. The show started around 22:30 at the beautiful Paradisio Club in Paris. Outfits were presented by a cast of performers. The show was truly spectacular, as it contained performative elements and the whole vibe was kind of ‘underground cabaret’.

I especially liked the idea that each model had their transformative moment on the stage and found it particularly neat (e.g. criticizing body-shaming with affirmative transformation and following voice effects). I was seated in the front row which helped me a lot to get a clear image of each outfit that I illustrated. These illustrations, which you can see, were created with the intention to capture both the outfits and personalities of the models who wore them. Hope that you can feel even a glimpse of the show by looking at them! 

Big thanks to Draw A Dot for running the open call and AZ Factory for the selection and invitation. – Natasa Kekanovic 

AZ Factory with Tennessy Thoreson Draw A Dot
AZ Factory Paris Fashion Week

I wanted to say a big thank you to AZ Factory for having one of our Patreon members at the show that night. Also, a big thank you to Natasa for creating all these amazing sketches!

For those of you who are interested in this kind of show opportunity where you can network with the brands, please join our Patreon group. I will continue working with different brands so that artists can have a chance to experience fashion shows in person.

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