Alber Elbaz Collaboration

A Tribute to Alber Elbaz

Alber Elbaz sadly left us on April 24, 2021 due to COVID-19. He was not only a great fashion designer but also a great illustrator. His creations have inspired many of us in the fashion illustration industry and have created an impact on the fashion industry.

In the past few days, some of our Patreon members have created illustrations that are inspired by Alber‘s creations. I invite you to look at these beautiful images and read the messages they have for the designer.

Basia Rochowczyk

AZ Factory

Alber Elbaz was a specially important designer for me, because of his unique approach – full of colors and joy.”

Beck Hong

Lanvin S/S 2004

Alber Elbaz, he is truly one of the best and most influential designers of our times. I really loved his tenure at Lanvin. He was the master of delicate drapes and designs for Lanvin and this is one of my favorite pieces from his Lanvin collection. RIP Alber. You will be deeply missed.”

Katerina Balashova

Katerina Balashova Lanvin Alber Elbaz
Inspired by Lanvin Resort 2014

“I am sure that every talented creative person makes this world a better place. He changes it with his dresses. These are not just dresses, they are something beautiful that allow women to understand themselves, give them confidence and let them become happier.

Alber created colourful garments that were filled with joy. His women were both fragile and at the same time so cheerful. It was wonderful.”

Katarina Kühl

Lanvin Fall 2013 Katarina Kühl Alber Elbaz
Lanvin F/W 2013

“When I think about the work of the magnificent Alber Elbaz, the first image that comes to mind is ruffles. To me, ruffles are significant to his work. Loose threads started to become en vogue because of him! He always wanted to make women look beautiful and he really did. And although I only know him through media, I think he was one of the good guys.”

Soyoon Park

Soyoon Park Lanvin
Lanvin F/W 2007

“He was my fashion idol whom I loved and admired. His ‘unbridled creativity’, joyful and romantic designs truly inspired me.”

Yuliia Dzhamhurova

Yuliia Dzhamhurova Alber Elbaz AZ Factory
AZ Factory

“Their mission to solve problems and create joy, which really inspires me a lot. 

«We are life, not just lifestyle, a place to experiment and try new things, our way.» – Alber Elbaz

Mr Elbaz, you will forever have a special spot in our hearts.

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