Asian Couture Federation Ben Liu Collaboration

Draw A Dot x Asian Couture Federation

I am a fan of the designers from the Asian Couture Federation and in 2015, I have the honor to work on a special collaboration with them.

For this series, I invite Ben Liu, Decue Wu, Shamekh and Svetlana Makarova to each create an illustration based on one of the four collections. The illustrations are beautiful and all of them have shown the whimsical and fantasy vibe of the collections.

I hope you enjoy these illustrations as much as I do!

Ben Liu  Guo Pei Draw A Dot Asian Couture Federation
Ben Liu + Guo Pei
Decue Wu  Sebastian Gunawan Asian Couture Federation
Decue Wu + Sebastian Gunawan
Shamekh Michale Cinoco
Shamekh + Michale Cinoco
Svetlana Makarova Yumi Katsura Asian Couture Federation
Svetlana Makarova + Yumi Katsura
Founder of Draw A Dot. Agent of some of the best fashion illustrators in Canada!

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