Svetlana Makarvoa Draw A Dot Collaboration

Draw A Dot x Svetlana Makarova

Svetlana Makarova is an illustrator I really like and in 2014, we have created a fun mini-series together. The title is called New Old Tales.

For this project, we want to know the lives of some of the fairy tale characters when they are off duty. They are all dressed in pieces from 2 F/W 2014 collections. Svetlana has done an amazing job pairing the characters with the right outfits and I love the whole concept of this series!

Please visit this link for more information about this project!

Svetlana Makarova Alexander McQueen Draw A Dot
Snow Queen & Maleficent
Svetlana Makarova
Snow White & Red Riding Hood
Svetlana Makarova  Draw A Dot
Rapunzel & Alice & Rabbit

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