The Orange Dot Project

Draw a Dot will be turning 10 years old in 2023. It is a milestone for this community as I didn’t expect I would continue to develop this community after the 4th year.

How Did It Start?

Back in the first few years, I actually had a project called The Orange Dot project to celebrate each year’s anniversary. I stopped after the 4th year because I was juggling a lot of things in life. Plus. I wasn’t too sure about the future of Draw A Dot at that time.

Below are the illustrations created by 16 talented illustrators from the first 4 years. All artworks are inspired by the orange dot from the logo. The illustrators who were involved in this project are Ben Liu, Camille Pfister, Francesco Lo Iacono, Gerardo Larrea, Helen Huang, Hey Harvey, JSK, Juan Cruz Prats, Lisa Nishimura, Magdalena Kruszynska, Mahyar Mortazavi, Nutty Puppy, Roberto Sánchez, Shamekh Bluwi, Svetlana Makarova and Studio Fantasma.

What Are The Goals?

When I first developed this project, my goals were to do a gallery show with these illustrations, and make prints so that the illustrators could earn some extra income. While I still don’t know the fate of a gallery show, I, however, have come up with a way to create income for the illustrators with this project.

I have reactivated the Orange Dot project for the Patreon members to participate. This time I am turning this into a contest as there is a fund attached to it. The artist will have 1 month to create the illustration. Afterward, this project will be sold at the online store for 1 year. Whoever can sell the most from this series will be receiving the fund. They can then use the fund to create their own online store.

Therefore, aside from those 2 original goals, now I am helping artists to develop their marketing skills with this project. I believe after this competition, artists will be able to open their stores with all the foundations they need.

If you are interested in being part of this project, you can join the Patreon group. This project is open to the $5 tier and this is the only time I allow $5 tier members to sell at the store.

I am very excited about this project. I can also tell you more exciting projects are coming up for the Patreon members! Stay tuned!

Founder of Draw A Dot. Agent of some of the best fashion illustrators in Canada!

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