Cinthia James x XP-PEN Deco Fun Drawing Graphic Tablet

Cinthia James is one of the 3 illustrators from the Patreon group who has tested out the XP-PEN Deco Fun Drawing Graphic Tablet. Below is the illustration she created using the tablet, and also her review.

Cinthia James XPPEN
Illustration by Cinthia James

Cinthia used the XP-PEN Deco Fun Drawing Graphic Tablet and Photoshop to create the above illustration. Please scroll down to read the review and also watch the video of her using this tablet.

“I have tried different types of tablets over the years, and I am really impressed by the ease of use and straightforward setup of the XP-Pen. 

I was able to try out the large (315 x 222.9 x 12/5 mm) XP-Pen Deco Fun tablet in the color blue. Along with the Quick Guide and Warranty card, the tablet comes with a battery-free pen, a USB-C cable, a pen clipper, and 10 spare pen nibs.

The set-up was as easy as plug-and-play. The main dashboard of the software program is straightforward and allows you to customize the drawing area of your tablet. There is also the pen setting where you can customize the two command buttons on the stylus. The pen setting is something that I did have to customize after a few uses, as I do not require additional functions from a tablet pen. I was able to disable the functions of the buttons, which was easy to do.

Once the set-up was complete, and I started to play around with the tablet, using it as a mouse, marking up documents, and finally creating an illustration in photoshop. I had some struggles starting my drawing as I haven’t used Photoshop in a while. After I refreshed my memory I was able to illustrate a colorful portrait. 

I really enjoyed using XP-PEN Deco Fun Drawing Graphic Tablet and I think it would be a great starter tablet or a tablet you can purchase for your kids. The affordable price and fun colors invite you to try your hand with digital drawings.

I also think this is a great work tablet as it can easily be used as a mouse and can be utilized to sketch and mark up ideas. I, personally, could see myself using the tablet more on the business side of things.”

Please visit XP-PEN website to learn more about this tablet! You can read the reviews on this XP-PEN Deco Fun Drawing Graphic Tablet by Penny Trevlopoulou and Cassie Lee.

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